Cutting Through The Noise

A principles-based approach to simplifying your methodology for tapping into hidden work opportunities. Learn how to leverage effective strategies for acquiring employment that supports your growth and advances your career.

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Career Information Overload

Cutting Through The Noise bypasses the need to sift though an endless stream of information. We’ve targeted core concepts and strategies for you to apply when considering a move or looking for employment. Save time and effort by focussing your energy on doing only what really matters.

Hidden Opportunities

The odds are not in your favour when you apply for a job online, regardless of whether you submit your application directly to a company website, apply for work using LinkedIn, or depend on job sites like “Indeed”, “Glassdoor”, or “Monster Canada”. Discover how you can shift your approach and head directly to the front of the line - before there even is a line.

Acing the interview

Trying to prepare for every possible question is an exercise in frustration and a losing strategy. Understanding the motivation behind a question facilitates crafting your response. Learn how tell your stories in a way that resonates positively and supports you to make the best first impression.

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