Beating Burnout

While recognizing what stresses you is insightful, it is not enough information to take corrective action. This approach to building resilience and managing stress is based on reflection, self-assessment, and a practical application of your newly-gained insights, in order for you to cope better with the changes and pressures at work. We’ll guide you to build a personalized action plan that promotes well-being - within and beyond your working hours.

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Stretched To The Brink

Never before have you been exposed to so many changes in your environment and demands on your time. From global and national pressures (climate change, pandemic, social inequality, political and economic uncertainty) to personal ones (staying healthy, financially solvent, work secure). Workers are reporting unprecedented levels of distress and physical exhaustion. The time to beat burnout is before it beats you.

Pinpointing Your Distress

As your situation worsens, the expenditure of energy required to stay on top of your responsibilities rises. As you move closer to “burnout”, your ability to determine what would be most effective and advantageous to do next falls out of view. This happens because finding time and more energy for new solutions just adds to your distress. By completing inventories of the changes and pressures you are facing, you will target actions that can provide some relief.

Reshaping Perceptions

Perception is reality - We all have unique coping “filters” that help us to view, digest and respond to the demands of our circumstances. Key elements to building resilience centre around recognizing: how you view the world; your level of influence; your response behaviours; and how you draw on resources to manage your situation.

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