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Three support categories to make choosing a service easier!

You have persevered through years of education, and now it’s time to reap the rewards of your learning!  A great career is the link between education and a life of quality.

But, transitioning to employment is stressful. The pressure associated with finding work forces many to accept whatever job they can get. Settling for “anything” takes you down the wrong path and will negatively impact on your earning power, work satisfaction, promotability or job security.

Because having a great career is so important we use a paired coaching process, two coaches for every client. Your whole future is ahead of you, get twice the support when it matters most.

No other future is as important as yours!

Ranging from $469 to $599. Clients complete their Choose it! coaching in 4 meetings on average.

2 Coaches. 1 Client.

Trying a job often results in disappointment. Job experimentation is a stressful and costly method of finding a career direction. In the career management world, “try” is slang for trial and error. RightGrad coaching tools empower clients to spend the early stage of career doing rewarding work and building a future instead of trying jobs.

  • We assist in identifying your criteria for career satisfaction
  • We help to match careers aligned with your values, skills and characteristics
  • You choose the career that most provides what you want, based on "best fit"

Not only will the RightGrad steps help you choose and target your future career, we also work with you to create a plan to achieve it. Plans may include job search, networking, or further education depending on your chosen direction.

Our career direction expertise

Job Fit Analysis
Market Research
Job Selection
Career Planning
Progressive Education

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Ranging from $389 to $499. Clients complete their Win it! coaching in 3 meetings on average.

2 Coaches. 1 Client.

Unfortunately, 90% of grads present resumes with content that is similar to each other and give interview answers that sound the same. This results in not having a competitive advantage. When job search fails, grads often fall into jobs they don’t want. At RightGrad, we help you to get the recognition that you deserve, and win the work that matters.

RightGrad strategies capture what is interesting about you, and helps get that across in all aspects of your job search. We help, so that employers can appreciate you in minutes rather than months.

Our proprietary web-based tool draws out key insights about you to enrich all of your career self-promotion content! RightGrad clients report that the ROAR web app (Reporting Objectives Actions & Results) overcame their writer's block, that they felt interesting instead of boring, and for the first time looked forward to sharing about themselves with employers.

Our job search expertise

Resume Writing
Cover Letters
LinkedIn Profiles
Interview Coaching
Decision Making

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“Writing and talking about myself frustrates and drains me. ”

“I’ve applied for so many jobs but I am not getting many interviews.”

“I’m getting called for interviews, but not getting any offers.”

Ranging from $389 to $499. Clients complete their Keep it! coaching in 3 meetings on average.

2 Coaches. 1 Client.

You won the job! It is time to build the foundation of your career. Upon starting a job, employers usually provide you an orientation or onboarding process. Such processes are designed to help you learn about and understand your new employer’s history, values, and behavior policies. Now it’s time to perform!

First 90 (Probation Period)

The way you manage the first 90 days at work will seriously shape how your supervisor and senior management perceive your growth and promotability. We are here to help you build your professional brand and develop your future earnings potential with your new employer during the critical First 90.

Performance Booster

Despite your best intentions, work may not be going as smoothly as you would like. At any point within three years of graduating, RightGrad’s Performance Booster program can be engaged to help you build an action plan for improved performance to better protect your professional reputation and earnings.

Our job start & retention expertise

First 90 Days at Work
Workplace Anxiety
Dealing with Criticism
Managing Expectations
Interpersonal Skills

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"Work is a nerve racking experience and I am drained by the end of the day.”

“Relationships at work aren’t great and I need to improve them.”

“I am capable of doing my work but need help to better manage my efforts.”

I got very good grades in biology and chemistry, but I couldn’t see myself working in those fields. Gord and Mark focussed on having me make smart choices based on my values, not just my skills. I’d never considered that as being important until now.
Juliet D.
Because of Covid, the past year was really stressful and disappointing. RightGrad helped me to put together an action plan to make sure that next year isn’t also a write-off.
Darren H.
I knew what I wanted to do next, but was scared to make a move because everyone around me was suggesting I do something else. Working with two career coaches has given me the confidence to trust myself and work on my career plan.
Ana P.
I’d tried over and over to write my resume, but it always came out looking weak. My RG Coaches let me use their app, and with their help, we created resume bullets that I’m really proud of.
Issac C.
At first it was a bit weird having 2 coaches, but by the end of our meetings I realized that 3 heads are way better than 1!
Valerie B.
The pressures and stress from wanting to succeed in my first job were wearing me down and making me really anxious. I’m doing so much better since getting stress management and resilience training from Right Grad. My coaches were great!
Brayden D.


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