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The New Digital You Clone

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In this episode, our hosts discuss the positives and negatives surrounding replicant technology that can be used to develop digital clones. They consider potential applications and the benefits and risks of having access to such powerful tools.

Deepfake Technology

It is an open-source technology that uses software and neural networks to superimpose existing images & videos onto source media using a machine learning technique known as a generative adversarial network. Positive uses for this tech can vary from keeping celebrities working after they have passed away, to creating virtual assistants in your image. However, in the wrong hands, it could also be used to generate fake news or hoaxes that would be nearly impossible to identify as fraudulent without proper analysis.

Lyrebird AI

A software company has developed a platform leveraging artificial intelligence to create vocal avatars. By recording your voice using a microphone and submitting it to a dedicated platform, this technology is able to generate your voice into any text input. If you’re already familiar with talk-to-text on your mobile devices, this is the opposite. This takes your text and converts it back into audio files of your voice.

Artificial News Anchor

China has unveiled a new AI news anchor. Not only can it accompany you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It can be endlessly copied and presented simultaneously at different scenes to bring you your news. Reactions have been mixed, impressing some while alarming others. By leveraging proprietary technology, they've essentially replicated Deepfakes and Lyrebird AI in a live environment to generate a new digital human being to deliver the news through text input.


Deepfake Technology

Lyrebird AI

China Unveils first AI News Anchor

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