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Keeping You Safe Using Pre-Crime Technology

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In this weeks episode our hosts discuss the world of crime and how we're currently living in an invisible net of security, protecting us from many forms of crime, the question is now, with technology evolving so quickly, how far off are we from  predictive systems being able to identify and prevent all future crimes.

Unsafe streets?

With more sources of news and instantaneous reporting, one would think that the world is less and less safe, but according to the statistical data violent crime in North America has actually been on the decline for several decades.

Crime that’s trending

Criminals are getting more sophisticated. Although increased reports of extortion are being noted from coast to coast, you are more likely to be impacted by telephone and online scams, fraud and cheap knock-offs from 3rd party vendors on the internet than you are to be mugged, kidnapped or murdered. 

Fighting back

Officers are increasingly turning to technology to assist with protecting law-abiding citizens. Predictive analytics, drones, recognition technology, and data crunching are just a few of the ways police forces are responding to crime. Although Robocop isn’t yet a part of your local police force, surveillance robots are slowly popping up in unexpected places.


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