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Individual and Societal Health Monitoring by Big-Data Multinationals

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In this episode our hosts discuss the implications of remote health monitoring. Would you be more or less comfortable knowing that your health related data is being fed into a system designed to monitor your vital signs and track associated behaviors in order to provide early detection of worrisome changes in your health?

Public Health Monitoring

Some municipalities are already analyzing effluent to monitor public health and behavior. As far back as 2002, fourteen Canadian cities found traces of pharmaceutical products in waste water. More recently, in Massachusetts, high concentrations of SARS-CoV-2 were found in water collected at a major sewage treatment facility.

Social Responsibility and Big Business

The importance of a reliable and responsive health care system is underscored with every passing day, as we battle a global pandemic. Unlikely players, tech and data giants, are now interested in a piece of the action.

Individual Self-Monitoring

Many individuals are looking to be proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to their health. Companies are already leveraging the power of wearable devices to provide information on vitals such as heart rate, respiration, cadence and walking distance, but would you want to tie that to information pulled from your medical records, currently held by hospitals and health clinics?

Public Tracing

Several countries are in the spotlight and are generating controversy due to their public tracing programs that use data from personal cell phones.Would you be willing to opt in and allow tracking of your movement in order to provide important information related to virus transmission?


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