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Gordon Stencell
Senior Partner

Take an organization with a strategic plan, give those employees access to Gordon Stencell’s short-term solution-focused coaching and the result will be improved performance and greater production capacity. The extra dimension to Gordon’s career expertise is he is adept at coaching others to be successful disruptors and bring about transformation.

Gordon’s capabilities are enriched through his decades of experience through executive career coaching. Serving approximately 8000 clients across nearly every industry imaginable, ranging from Student’s to CEO’s, even including olympic athletes and professional artists.

He went on to share his knowledge and expertise as a professor in career success in a school of business, all the while conceptualising and developing career related software solutions to allow students and business professionals accelerate their own success.

Recognizing that the careerscape is a critical piece of everyone’s l success, Gordon does the research and thinking necessary to ensure no one gets left behind. 

The Future Lens Podcast series is a venue for Gordon to express his thoughts and observations in service of those seeking to understand our evolving world.

Mark Pundzius
Senior Partner

Mark Pundzius is a Career Development Strategist, Resiliency Coach, Micro-Mentor and Thought Leader who for 20+ years has used his knowledge of workplace issues and career development best practices to advance workers and clients by making calculated and informed career decisions.

Prior to joining Humanatronix, he led a multi-disciplinary team of professionals [Career Counsellors, Nurse Health Coaches, Responsible Gaming Counsellors, Government Contract Counsellors (Child & Youth/Parole), Financial Consultants US, Legal Consultants US] for Morneau Shepell, North America’s leading provider of HR and employee support services. Additionally, Mark supported Human Resources Development Canada clients through the Training For Employment Program, upgrading their skill sets and ensuring employability.

Leveraging his first hand business and work experience in the hospitality, travel, and retail sectors as well as his passion for investigating societal and technological trends, Mark co-hosts our Future Lens Podcast series and contributes to content development of our ebooks.

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Diego Cervantes
Shawn Hopkins
VP Operations

Shawn Hopkins is a multi-disciplinarian gung-ho on building a creative epicenter of talented and diverse professionals looking to build and provide support to entrepreneurs and businesses around the world.

Coming from an entrepreneurial background as a digital content marketing specialist, Shawn currently leads the team of artists, designers and business developers as CEO & Founder of Humanatronix. From conceptualization to launch, he's involved in every step of a project to ensure creative vision and execution is in alignment with clients' goals and their customers' needs.

Shawn has worked on business development projects across multiple industries, and has helped entrepreneurs find their footing every time. Through business planning & executing, to developing long-term success plans and launching effective marketing campaigns across every medium, he's the most experienced of business ops and growth on the team.

He also is the executive producer of the Future Lens Podcast.

Miguel David Suárez
Marketing Manager

Miguel was raised in Colombia and found higher education within the borders of Canada as a business developer and digital marketing specialist. He now shares his experience and expertise with businesses across North and Latin America as a consultant and marketing manager.

He brings a unique perspective, and high level ability to recognize business growth opportunities within the organization and strives to deliver increasingly effect service solutions for people and businesses across multiple industries.

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