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Globally-minded and network-driven firm investing in early-stage leadership innovation strategies for global people leaders shaping the industries of tomorrow.

Mark Pundzius and Gordon Stencell lead Stature with combined post-secondary career coaching, post-secondary teaching, headhunting, corporate recruitment & talent acquisition, executive coaching, outplacement, thought-leader podcasting, and publishing experience. If you call them career nuts, they will not be offended. Each has led Resiliency Coaching and Career Counselling for a preeminent Employee and Family Assistance Program.

Through their collective innovations in the field, plus ability to meet trends through sourcing and strategic partnering, they keep Stature poised to make significant leadership contributions to corporations and individuals alike.

We work behind the scenes and let you focus on what you do best. We provide access to innovative leadership strategies and dynamic tools.

We'll help you devise high level strategies and provide implementable resources and tools to manage critical leadership initiatives. We bring more value by being responsive and sharing our expertise when you need it most.

How does our expertise free you to do what you do best? When a leader faces a unique challenge that by definition is what Stature supports frequently. We are happy to share the solutions that have worked for other leaders keeping you free from time consuming diversions.

Our Added Value

Over 40 years of experience working as executive, career and leadership coaches for professionals in various industries: Transportation, Government, Health, Pharma, Technology, Engineering, Communications, Education, Manufacturing, Finance & Insurance, Law Enforcement, Marketing, Adverting, Entertainment, Mining, Forestry, and more.

Aggregated HR, Leadership, and Human Capital Management strategies are great except for for when they don't work, and in the ever changing world of work, those strategies are becoming less suitable.

Having supported thousands of leaders one-to-one, and front line workers one-to-one, we offer expertise, not fashionable theory.

About Our Clients

We serve individuals in leadership roles dealing with evolving business structures and scaling teams. We are highly focused on developing methodologies, techniques, strategies, tools, processes and strong leadership fundamentals that empower individuals to drive early effective change.

Our clients value efficiency achieved through expertise. Their personal career accounts usually fit a pattern of work followed by reward. Therefore, upon identifying that their career advancement has outpaced their career management and leader skills they engage Stature to acquire the strategies and skills necessary to achieve their personal goals and key performance deliverables faster.

Crisis connects clients to Stature. We are relied on to support de-escalation of personnel conflicts, help sustain leaders coping with separation and divorce, and prepare leaders for upcoming contentious conversations to mitigate immanent risk.

Stature expertise is being leveraged to help leaders and organizations improve Employee Engagement in departments where scores are low, productivity is lacking, morale is suffering and employee retention is threatened.


We feel responsible for supporting communities across North America, and have made providing implementable resources, supporting evolving businesses and nonprofits some of our many pillars. Since our core team's inception, we have been supporting the efforts of several mission-critical initiatives.

Food Business Association

Nonprofit, Canada

FBA Canada is one of the very special and long-lasting relationships for us. It is an industry standard setting organisation built around a mission and vision geared towards bringing support, strategies, and education to food business owners across Canada. Based out of Ottawa, they specialize in providing support for new immigrant business owners and introducing new food business operation models and revenue diversification strategies the food business industry.

Humanatronix Media

Creative Studio, Canada

Energy is key to creativity, and Humanatronix Media regards internal communications, employee relations, and leadership strength as essential to keeping employees energized for sustainable quality of service and revenue growth. As a rule, Humanatronix Media leaders engage Stature coaches whenever the internal messaging prepared is not as effective as the intent. Stature coaches help leaders avoid misfires and inconvenient corrective actions by getting the messaging right. Because Stature reduces unnecessarily annoying talent, Humanatronix Media continues to grow as an agency and therefore so is the Stature-Humanatronix Media relationship.

Future Lens Podcast

Podcast, Canada

Future Lens is a podcast hosted by Stature's Senior Partners, Mark Pundzius and Gordon Stencell. Their goal is to make the workforce more aware of technologies, automation, artificial intelligence and anticipate the impact on individual workers and society.

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