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Executive Leadership
Career Redirection

That point when you finally realize what you want to move away from rather than toward. Be it mid-career change or retirement, Redirection Framework will help you make sense of "What's next?"

Job Search Showcase

Stature amplifies resumes, cover letters, social media and interview skills so employers can value you more and earlier in the hiring process. Your content ought to be as interesting as you are to maximize competitiveness.

Separation and Divorce

This multi-disciplinary 8-week program helps clients  protect their performance, reputation, bonus, and promotability. You don't have to manage your career alone during this sensitive time.

Executive Coaching

Workforces need more from leaders than ever before. Stature's Core-7 areas of focus help clients to rapidly develop leadership skills, then make and implement decisions faster.


Tailored Services

25% of our business volume is delivery of services tailored to accommodate specific needs and timelines of clients. If our defined services aren't exactly what you are looking for, let's explore how to meet that need; chances are we have done it before!


Stature coaches are experienced supporting top talent in multiple sectors. We are experienced in developing and delivering individual and corporate programs essential to growth, productivity and performance.

Discovery and Exploration

We want to learn about the situation at hand and how we can make a difference. Clients enjoy the collaborative process because the feel heard, valued and cared for. The Stature team leverages our collective talents for each project to determine opportunities to add more value wherever possible. Our aim is to inspire.

Framework Development

Clients depend on us to propose an initial framework and consider how it integrates with any prior or parallel initiatives. With corporate clients, we work to ensure corporate values and key messaging are integrated. Clients verify that the framework will fulfill their goals before program execution.

Program Execution

Via coaching, workshop delivery, and/or remote training, Stature will effectively deliver programming. For very large groups, or groups across locations, Stature can train your company's designated SME/in-house trainers; a train the trainer model.

Progress Summary & Wrap Up

Stature tracks the status of projects in real-time. We work with transparency throughout the process. At the conclusion of a program, a debrief is conducted to share our program analysis, make go-forward recommendations based on client insights.

Touch Points & Evaluation

For all corporate services, we schedule weekly touch points. Via participant evaluations and corporate client observations, we revise programing to make it stronger, and integrate feedback and suggestions to become an even better service provider into the future.

Gord and Mark’s unique chemistry created the best service experience I have ever had. They helped me be as accountable to myself as I am to my employer. It felt good to have that balance for once.
Tanya E.
It worked! After training and mentoring three employees that got promoted ahead of me, that promotion is finally mine. I couldn't have broken through without you!
Abigail G.
It completely transformed how I see myself and relate to my career. Thanks for making my complicated situation easier to resolve.
Brandy P.
It completely transformed how I see myself and relate to my career. Thanks for making my complicated situation easier to resolve. I started to reprioritize, was able to stay calmer, and became hopeful that I could get through this difficult patch.
Simon C.
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CareerInterrupt Your Linear Career Trajectory - Risk & Reward

Finding your “sweet spot” between getting stuck in comfort and continuously courting risk will secure career advancement.

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Beating Burnout
Mark Pundzius

Beating Burnout is a concise 38-page book to help you impact your problem. Choose an accompanying workbook most aligned with your situation: Personal Changes and Pressures or Work Changes and Pressures. Most self-help books only offer greater insight into why there is a problem. Beating Burnout is one of those rare resources that actually supports you to make a difference.

Cutting Through The Noise
Mark Pundzius

A principles based approach to building your own strategy and discovering the fundamentals to looking for your next career.



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20 Mins

Future Materials - Optical Ceramics, Self-Healing Concrete, Graphene & More

Technologies that support designers, architects, and builders to create innovative and more sustainable structures.

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29 Mins

Resurrection Biology & Species Revivalism

What is humanity’s impact on the planet and how consciously and inadvertently have we caused the demise of many species?

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19 Mins

The Global Need For Multi-Pronged Sterilization and Disinfection Protocols

We are entering a world in which we will need to become better at fighting what we can't see.

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