Skills Enhancement

Employers are telling us that while technical skills are relatively easy to impart on their workers, “soft skills” are in short supply. If you need coaching on interpersonal dynamics, working collaboratively, getting/giving feedback, navigating office politics, dealing with procrastination, asserting yourself in a respectful manner, developing professional boundaries, setting priorities - we’re able to help. Using our Career Ferocious 2-to-1 coaching model, we focus on one behavior for two sessions.

Gaining Recognition

Why aren’t you getting the recognition you deserve? What seems obvious to you, might not even be on the radar of the people making the decisions. Self-promotion is an art. Overdo it and you will appear as bragging and self-obsessed. Play it too low-key and you’re likely to go unnoticed. In addition to coaching thousands of individual clients, your Career Ferocious Coaches have led teams of professionals. They know first-hand which behaviours garner the recognition and attention to get ahead, and which ones don’t.

Performance Reviews

That cursed and negative feeling from “writing about yourself” that you escaped at the end of your job search, is back. Clients tell us that review processes are demoralizing because they are too busy to do a great job completing their portion of the review or too busy to correct their supervisor's poor perspective. This negatively impacts salary increases and bonuses. Like forecasted bad weather, you know when a performance review is coming. Get prepared to cope better, represent yourself better, and advocate for better base and bonus increases.

Getting Promoted

Working well and working hard are admirable, but on their own rarely result in a job promotion. Although you may see yourself as an ideal candidate for a promotion, moving up your organization's leadership ladder requires the application of advanced career development strategies. Both of your Career Ferocious Coaches will provide you with unbiased perspectives and share innovative approaches that have helped many clients attain this career goal.

I was honestly out of ideas, if it wasn't for my wife telling me about you guys, I don't think I'd have a job today. Thanks!
Micheal D.
I wanted to be sure that I started my new job on the right foot. Signing up for the “Best 90” really made a world of difference in managing myself, my work responsibilities, and my professional relationships.
Thomas A.
I’d used another resume writing service that cost me a lot more before discovering Career Ferocious. They blew me away when I saw the final version of my new resume.
Angela B.
I was so stressed out when I contacted Career Ferocious. In no time at all, my biggest concerns were being addressed. I really felt heard and supported.
Carl H.
Career Ferocious has been instrumental in helping me set a course and a plan for a change of careers. I never expected to feel this ready and excited about reinventing myself.
Lillian A.
It turns out that I was prioritizing all of the wrong things. My career coaches refocused my attention on what is truly meaningful to me, in order to achieve the success I’m looking for in my career.
Usman K.

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