Resume Writing

If you’re anything like our typical client, you probably find it difficult to write about yourself. We’ve developed a proprietary tool that makes resume writing so much easier. In no time at all, you’ll receive impressively crafted resume bullets that get attention from people who have the power to make hiring decisions. We also assist you with fine-tuning your content and organizing it in a professional format.

Interview Preparation

If the thought of going to an interview stresses and drains you, we have a solution. Our unique Career Ferocious methodology provides you with a proven structure for answering interview questions that will reduce your stress and help you to shine amongst the competition. If you’re getting called for interviews, but those interviews are not converting to job offers, our unique 2-on-1 coaching will improve your approach and performance.

Professional Profile

Your online presence is your statement of value in the marketplace. Is there a gap between what you can actually do professionally and what you present about yourself online? Once Career Ferocious clients have closed that gap, they report getting more attention from recruiters and employers whether they are in the market for a new opportunities as active or passive candidates.


Did you know that 77% of the population has some level of anxiety regarding public speaking and that almost 90% of the population reports some level of “Shyness”? It’s no wonder that when we encourage people to build their network of contacts, most people resist reaching out to strangers. We’ll help you to shift your mindset because it’s not just who you know that counts, it’s who knows you that really matters.

Cover Letters

Bad cover letters are always a waste of time and effort, but a great cover letter is a powerful tool. While it is true that many cover letters are not read, those that are, have a profound impact on the decision to call or not call a candidate for an interview. We teach you how to maximize your document in ways that cannot be done using your resume on its own.

I was honestly out of ideas, if it wasn't for my wife telling me about you guys, I don't think I'd have a job today. Thanks!
Micheal D.
I wanted to be sure that I started my new job on the right foot. Signing up for the “Best 90” really made a world of difference in managing myself, my work responsibilities, and my professional relationships.
Thomas A.
I’d used another resume writing service that cost me a lot more before discovering Career Ferocious. They blew me away when I saw the final version of my new resume.
Angela B.
I was so stressed out when I contacted Career Ferocious. In no time at all, my biggest concerns were being addressed. I really felt heard and supported.
Carl H.
Career Ferocious has been instrumental in helping me set a course and a plan for a change of careers. I never expected to feel this ready and excited about reinventing myself.
Lillian A.
It turns out that I was prioritizing all of the wrong things. My career coaches refocused my attention on what is truly meaningful to me, in order to achieve the success I’m looking for in my career.
Usman K.

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More. More. More. More satisfaction, more challenge, more money.

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Fixing a Pain Point

Strength is the product of overcoming struggles.

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Growing Faster

Greatness arises from building upon raw talent.

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