About Us

The team of coaches at Career Ferocious is very used to celebrating their clients' successes. That’s why 60% of our clients reach out again to collaborate on new career goals within 36 months of their first appointment.

MISSION: Guide professionals fierce at heart to earn the careers they deserve.

We call people who are in the “imagination stage” potential future clients. Imagine a world where everyone has a better career! We are proud of the fact that we have many advocates referring their friends, family members, colleagues, and other people they care about to Career Ferocious.

Highly Experienced Coaches

The founders of Career Ferocious have collectively coached almost 15,000 individuals. While the knowledge gained by having career coached thousands of people matters most, the team also draws upon first-hand experience with recruitment, talent acquisition, post-secondary education (teaching and advising), program design, group training, facilitation, entrepreneurship, corporate leadership roles, and board of director experiences.

2 Coaches. 1 Client.

Inspiration is drawn from all of our roles and client interactions. We have developed new tools, sharpened existing tools, and launched the never before seen “2 Coaches. 1 Client” delivery model so that you can benefit from broader perspectives, insights, support, and empowerment, as compared to hiring a “just one coach” provider.

Diverse Clientele

We have listened to and supported diverse clientele who have more than 3 years of experience, right up to the executive level. Helping people from every beginning imaginable - who are all fierce at heart - is a joy.  Technologists, teachers, entertainers, athletes, bankers, factory workers,… you name it. The world is full of people determined to create their future in meaningful ways. Clients view Career Ferocious as a resource that shortens the time between today and attaining their goals.


We value and are committed to respecting human rights and dignity, providing a safe and supportive environment, ensuring the integrity of coach-client relationships, increasing personal effectiveness, and appreciating the variety of human experience and culture.

Shall We?

Let’s work together to help your future arrive sooner than later. Our services are clearly defined and transparent pricing is provided. Ready to dive in? You may go straight to purchasing a service or, if you require more information about a service, request a 30-minute free consultation and we will be happy to assist.

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