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I’ve always dreaded going to performance review meetings - that is up until now. With help from Career Ferocious I’m better prepared to speak about my accomplishments and successes and know how to ensure that we talk about growing my future, not simply reviewing past performance.
Jonathan F.

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are rarely done by employers as effectively as they could be. Truthfully, performance reviews are done more poorly on average by employees than employers. Make the next performance review a strong statement about what is to come in the next year, and then deliver. Or, use the next performance review to punctuate and spotlight your value in such a manner as to get the attention you deserve. 

If leveraged properly, your review will reflect a bigger career development strategy. Done right by the employee, the performance review will engage and motivate you to work better.


  • Expectations/Mindset
  • Listening
  • Organizational Needs/Goals
  • Metrics
  • Engagement
  • Growth & Development
  • Recognition
  • Feedback (Peer/Customer)
  • Past Successes/Challenges
  • Future Targets/Opportunities
  • On-going Career Conversations

NOTE: Each client's needs and circumstances are unique. At Career Ferocious we customize the content of our interactions based on your needs. Our approach  is to use a client-centered, short-term, solution-focused model for career advancement.

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