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Believing in myself has always been a challenge. Although I think I’ve been a good employee, I’ve always questioned my value to my employer. With coaching on improving my “Mindset” I’ve been able to put new thinking into practice. With time and more practice, I know that I’ll learn to be consistent in applying what I learned from my coaches.
Andre T.

Mindset Optimization

If your mindset has great influence over your day and your outlook, this service will stand out to you. Rewiring your mindset allows you to be a better version of yourself and unlocks untapped potential. By uncovering and then challenging destructive or constraining beliefs that you have about the world and about yourself, you are better able to set realistic and achievable performance or career goals.


  • Pain Point(s)
  • Your Existing Mindset
  • Reality Check/Challenge
  • Goal Setting
  • Strategies
  • Taking Action

NOTE: Each client's needs and circumstances are unique. At Career Ferocious we customize the content of our interactions based on your needs. Our approach  is to use a client-centered, short-term, solution-focused model for career advancement.

One client. Two coaches.

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