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I could never figure out why my interviews failed to get me job offers. Through Career Ferocious I discovered the S.E.T. method for answering questions. Turns out I wasn’t providing valuable information that is needed to outperform my competition.
Crystal M.

Interview Preparation

It is incredibly frustrating and discouraging to be called for interviews, but never get the job. Ironically, the further candidates progress in the competition, the greater the hit their confidence takes upon learning they didn’t get the job.

Rest assured that it is quite common to be recognized for possessing the right skills and experience, but not be seen as the right person for the job as a result of an underwhelming interview.

Career Ferocious coaches use a proprietary “SET” methodology for answering interview questions that ensures you’re outshining your competition. 

Regardless of whether your interviewing skills are rusty, you suffer from interview jitters, or you lack confidence in your ability to answer questions effectively, we have solutions to help you get job offers!


  • Research Companies
  • Analyze Job Descriptions
  • Prepare Interview Answers
  • Practice Answers using SET method
  • Prepare Questions to Ask
  • 3-Ps (Poise | Perform | Project)
  • Follow-Up

NOTE: Each client's needs and circumstances are unique. At Career Ferocious we customize the content of our interactions based on your needs. Our approach  is to use a client-centered, short-term, solution-focused model for career advancement.

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