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I’ve interviewed a number of times for a leadership role without success. The feedback was always the same: “You were great at the interview, but we feel that you’re just not ready to be promoted”. My career coaches were able to decipher that message and provide me with concrete strategies and tools for advancement. I no longer feel discouraged.
Christine W.

Getting Promoted

Being considered for a leadership position requires more than just hard work and getting along with others. Although contributing to team and organizational success is a requirement, there are many other ways to get yourself noticed and position yourself for success. Career Ferocious coaches approach promotion as a campaign. We guide you on how to best be seen as promotable, by leveraging your strengths, character and personality, as they apply to your work culture.

Working alongside your Career Ferocious coaches, you will develop an action plan with concrete steps, strategies and a timeline to keep you on track. 


  • Path Analysis
  • Mentee/Mentor Relationships
  • Tracking Successes
  • Reporting Successes
  • Reputation & Brand
  • Career Discussions

NOTE: Each client's needs and circumstances are unique. At Career Ferocious we customize the content of our interactions based on your needs. Our approach  is to use a client-centered, short-term, solution-focused model for career advancement.

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