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Career Ferocious has been instrumental in helping me set a course and a plan for a change of careers. I never expected to feel this ready and excited about reinventing myself.
Leonie M.

Career Redirection

Whether you are deciding to proactively make a change to the direction of your career or are forced to do so due to a loss of employment, a shift in market conditions or a change to your health - moving towards the unknown can be intimidating. 

Career used to be defined as the portion of your life that you dedicated to earning a living, but in today’s 24/7 world the boundary between work and life has become blurred and more fluid. Our Career Ferocious approach to career is to simply redefine it as “life”, because what you choose to do “as work” impacts on everything else you do with your life. 

We understand the complexity of going through a career transition. We also know that a lot is at stake. Career Ferocious clients are invested in pursuing a more meaningful and enriching future, and we are here to support that investment.


  • Assess Fit
  • Assess Options
  • Evaluate Satisfiers
  • Research Opportunities
  • Create Action Plan
  • Rebrand
  • Mobilize 

NOTE: Each client's needs and circumstances are unique. At Career Ferocious we customize the content of our interactions based on your needs. Our approach  is to use a client-centered, short-term, solution-focused model for career advancement.

One client. Two coaches.

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