Choosing which career path is right for you is one of the toughest and most important decisions of your life. Your personal interests and skills should always be at the forefront of decision-making, but having a clear idea of what employers pay is also an important factor to assess before determining what will be the best for you in the long run.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

Choosing which career path is right for you is one of the toughest and most important decisions of your life. Your personal interests and skills should always be at the forefront of decision-making, but having a clear idea of what employers pay is also an important factor to assess before determining what will be the best for you in the long run. 

Over the past few years, Canada has trended as one of the most popular countries for emigrants. The many benefits offered as part of Canada’s immigration policies are a key factor that makes the country a very desirable option for families and individuals looking for a better life. The availability of high-paying jobs, an elevated standard of living, exceptional medical care, access to free public education for children and teens, as well as being a safe place to live with a stable economy are factors that draw those who choose to come to Canada.

In this article we share some of Canada's best paid jobs. We hope you find this information helpful and that it provides you with an idea of how much you could earn if you decide to emigrate to Canada. 

Keep in mind that the job market in all countries is in a constant state of change. Before making any life-altering decision, double-check to ensure that employer demand has not shifted and that your salary expectations accurately reflect what the current market is paying.

1.- Nurse Practitioner

Job description: These healthcare providers work side-by-side with doctors and other medical professionals in the field to provide a variety of services. This job category also includes Physician Assistants and Midwives. The most common places where people in this occupation work are Hospitals, Community Clinics or Birthing Centres.

Job Requirements: The requirements for this position can vary depending on the environment and the type of work. Nurse practitioners usually require a Master’s degree in Nursing while Physician Assistants and Midwives only require a University degree in related programs - depending on which province you reside and study in.

Salary: Indeed May 2021 - $51.00 per hour

2.- Dentist

Job Description: Dentists are healthcare professionals whose main responsibility is to provide oral health care, attention and guidance to their patients in order to prevent diseases that affect not only teeth, but the gums and the mouth as a whole. Studies now reveal that oral care can  also impact on general wellbeing and heart health.

Job Requirements: Completion of a college program in sciences and a university degree from a recognized dental program, are required. Additionally, provincial and territorial regulatory authorities require practitioners to hold a specialized license.

Salary: Indeed May 2021 - $146,017 a year

3.- Power Systems Electrician

Job Description: A power system electrician is someone employed in the utility, industrial, oil, gas and renewable energy sectors. Duties for this profession are centred on the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical power generation equipment, as well as on the transmission and distribution systems.

Job Requirement: Secondary School education is usually required, as well as the completion of a 4 year apprenticeship for power system electricians or a combination of 4 years of work experience in the field. Sometimes you are also required to complete some college or industry courses in electrical technology, depending on your location.

Salary: Senior Electrician - Indeed February 2021 - $38.50 per hour

4.- Engineering Manager

Job Description: Engineering Managers plan, organize, control and evaluate the activities and operations of an engineering department. Some of their duties include developing and implementing policies and procedures for engineering and technical work, as well as consulting and negotiating with clients.

Job Requirements: For this position a bachelor’s degree in engineering is usually required, as well as extensive experience in an engineering discipline and experience as a Supervisor. Registration as a professional Engineer by a province or territorial association is usually required. 

Salary: Indeed May 2021 - $105,248) a year

5.- Scientific Research Manager

Job Description: A Scientific Research Manager is in charge of planning, organizing, controlling and evaluating the activities and operations of a scientific research and development laboratory or quality control department. They are also in charge of recruiting personnel and oversee the development and maintenance of staff competencies in required areas.

Job Requirements: To be able to apply for this position, science and other managers in this group require a master's or doctoral degree in a scientific discipline and several years of experience in a related scientific discipline.

Salary: Research Manager - Indeed May 2021 - $81,387

6.- Statistician or Actuary

Job Description: a Statistician or Actuary researches mathematical or statistical theories that can be used for solving problems in fields such as science, engineering, business and social science. Actuaries apply mathematics, statistics, probability and risk theory to assess potential financial impacts of future events. They are usually employed by universities, governments, banks, trust companies, insurance companies, etc.

Job Requirements: For someone to be able to apply for this position they usually require a graduate degree in mathematics or statistics. Actuaries usually require post-secondary education in actuarial science, mathematics, statistics, economics, commerce or business administration.

Salary: Statistician - Indeed May 2021 - $30.12 per hour 

Actuary - Indeed May 2021 - $86,642 a year

7.- Police Officer

Job Description: People in this profession are required to patrol assigned areas with the purpose of maintaining public safety and to enforce laws and regulations. They are also in charge of investigating crimes and accidents, execute search warrants, secure evidence, interview witnesses, apprehend and arrest criminal suspects and provide emergency assistance to victims of accidents, crimes and natural disasters.

Job Requirements: To be able to apply for this position it is necessary to complete secondary school and a college program or university degree in law and security, or in the social sciences. You will also have to meet physical agility, strength, fitness and vision requirements. 

Salary: Median wage in Canada of $44.00 per hour

8.- Occupational Therapist

Job Description: Occupational therapists are in charge of developing individual and in group programs with people that have been affected by illness, injuries, developmental disorders, emotional or psychological problems, to help them maintain, restore or increase their ability to take care for themselves, and to engage in work, school and society. They are employed at health care facilities, in schools, and by private and social services agencies. They can also be self-employed.

Job Requirements: To be able to apply for this position you will need a university degree in occupational therapy (including supervised fieldwork), or graduate from an occupational therapy program approved by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists, depending on where you live. Licensure of the national certification examination may be required.

Salary: Indeed May 2021 - $40.83 per hour.

If your dream job is not on this list, do not worry about it, there are plenty of other opportunities which lead to high paying employment and permanent residency status after graduation in Canada. Students have to plan wisely regarding which program is the most suitable for them, taking in consideration facts such as career aspiration, personal skills and market potential.

If you feel some extra help will help you achieve your career goals, feel free to check out our career coaching services.

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